What can be a more lovely thought than everything being held together through loops, the collaborative hold that is knitting. I spent several years creating sculptures, narratives, drawings, and paintings through knitting. I have the itch in my hands. I’m just waiting for the time to pull out my needles, but I reminisce.


Knitting and Nostalgia….

I can’t be certain as to what comes first in my memory. If it was the smoky basement party I went to, (where I was missing my curfew, but was not panicked because my parents liked you so much they would forgive the hour), where you stood with your band, made up of older friends, and played Undone (the sweater song) originally from Weezer, the self-titled blue album. Or if it was the heavy-set girl in my English class who was always sleeping, but one day she had a cold, and as she wiped her nose with her sleeve it got caught on her nose ring, and her sweater pulled clear off her wrist one loop at a time.