community art.



Project Girl:

Project Girl is an art-based, participant-led media literacy program that addresses the harmful effects of contemporary media messages on young teens’ lives and attitudes. Project Girl is an after-school program that enables the girls to make art as a means of expressing what they are thinking, learning, and feeling. Participants also learn to showcase their work for one another, to speak to an audience about their art, and to speak about themselves with a positive voice. Grant funded.



Girls Act:

Girls Act is a performance written by, for, and about girls aged 9 through 14 who live in the Madison area, giving girls the opportunity to share their stories with each other and take ownership over their own representations. Grant funded.



Virginia Tech Memorial:

On the one-year anniversary of the massacre at Virginia Tech, I was asked to put together a community experience using art to memorialize the feelings surrounding the event.




Fabric of Our Lives:

Fabric of Our Lives is a contemporary quilting bee for middle school girls. They will step away from Facebook, texting, and Instagram, and work face to face with each other and with their hands. From past projects, I have seen girls come together when they share the common bond of making art. In the process, they overcome social differences and share unique insights. I believe that our connection to fabric, making, and imagery, paired with the slower more intimate and physical making of textile work really brings out a rich dialogue between participants. Grant funded.