dear john.


Dear John is the most recent complete body of work, inspired by the writing of Ruth Finley and her book Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them, from 1929. While in the Library of the Textile Museum in DC I was seeking a fresh start and was instantly taken by this classic book. The voice used by Ruth Finley is at least half a century before its time. The unapologetic tone was alluring and the sets of parameters created by each of the woman were so relatable, yet full of such bravado. This book has been both honored and demonized in a way that a casual observer might compare to reactions to a modern reality show.

So a set of parameters were created and I have been working from it.

Drawings or paintings must be representative of quilts, a square or rectangle form.

They must be done on paper that is 9 x 12  or smaller.

Mini quilts must be small enough to carry with me as I work.

Mini quilts must use only materials I already have.

All work is done without planning, no practice, no sketch. If work fails, so be it, or, better, push it until something works.

Text inspired by the women in Ruth Finley’s book will be paired with each piece.

I must continue work until there are 40 drawings and 20 mini quilts.

I ended up with 200 drawings and paintings and over 40 mini quilts.